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I’m Martin

Public speaking coach

& Copywriter

My Services



TEDx-style, keynote, best man, conference MC, elevator pitch

Explainer Video Scripts

Get a short punchy video that explains your business to the world.

Thought Leader Pieces

Boost your Linkedin profile with a thought-provoking commentary on your area of expertise.

Public Speaking Coaching

Find your public voice with one-to-one coaching via Skype.


Targeted mini-lessons to get staff up to speed efficiently and quickly.

Creative Copywriting

Brighten up your social media with Instagram memes, quirky Facebook posts or comic mini rants, 

About Me

Writer, Intercultural Communication expert, teacher trainer, public speaker and presenter of seminars for major international organisations such as the British Council, Cambridge University Press and Oxford University Press.

“Martin Luxton is a top-notch creative writer, a gifted professional who can turn complex technical matters into simple and appealing images and words.”

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